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Our mission

To create solutions for women’s issues in our community. To promote the physical, mental, professional, and business growth of Catalina women, emphasizing the strengths and skills each member brings to the organization by concentrating our resources.

Catalina Island Women's Forum History

In May, 1995, a group of uncommon women met to discuss forming a chapter of a national organization. But they realized the benefit of launching a local organization, one that would directly impact our community. The group continued to meet and grow and by July, 1995, the Catalina Island Women’s Forum was born.

Since then, the forum has impacted the lives of hundreds of Catalina women, providing friendship and support, scholarships and refuge. 


Membership can manifest in several ways. Annual dues collected in January are $96 (that breaks down to only $8/month). However, there is a membership assistance fund which remains confidential for anyone who cannot afford it, but has the most valuable thing we need… volunteer hours! Our members meet on the first Monday of each month to discuss general business, domestic violence and mentoring programs and fundraising opportunities. Our board members meet on the fourth Tuesday of every month and general members are always welcome to attend. 

Membership Application

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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